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The Master in Development and Governance (MA DevGov) is a one-year English language program at the UDE’s Institute of Political Science established in 2010. It is tailored to train young professionals from developing countries in the basics of good governance and public policy. To this end, the program combines relevant courses from existing MA programs at the Institute – the MA International Relations and Development Policies and the MA Political Management, Public Policy, and Public Administration. The program is included in the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) Public Policy and Good Governance program which offers scholarships to prospective future leaders from developing countries seeking academic qualification. For application requirements please visit the programme's website.

Programme Overview

The Master’s degree program in Development and Governance combines teaching in several sub-disciplines of political science (development studies, international relations, peace and conflict studies, administration and policy studies, comparative politics of European Union, Sub-Saharan Africa or East Asia) with an orientation towards practical application. This includes an internship with a German (development) organisation. The main emphasis is on acquiring knowledge of the relevance of different levels and kinds of governance-processes (local, national, and international) both within established democracies and developing societies, and on training students’ analytical skills. The program is thus providing students with both policy- and region-specific expertise.

Practical Relevance

Future leaders and young professionals from developing countries receive advanced academic training on the principles of good governance as guidance for their later professional lives. The integration in the DAAD framework explicitly aims at forming a network for future cooperation between graduates and German partners. To facilitate this end, an internship in Germany with a professional organisation active in the field of development and economic cooperation is an obligatory part of the MA Development and Governance’s curriculum. Furthermore, the MA Development and Governance supports students with practical skills courses e.g. on academic writing or applied negotiating techniques.

Partner Institutions

The University of Duisburg-Essen offers a unique environment for development studies in Germany. The University is home to the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) which is among the best established research institutions in the field. The INEF edits regular publication series that cover contributions to recent research as well as policy advice. The INEF routinely acquires third-party funding from public authorities and civil society organisation for applied research on particular development issues. The programs’ focus on public policy and administration is especially served by the NRW School of Governance which forms the Institute of Political Science’s centre of competence for research and education on political management, political communication, public policy and public administration.


The curriculum consists of three modules, a compulsory 6-week internship with a German (development) organisation and the Master’s Thesis (accompanied by a mentoring program).

Module 1 (Development) is dedicated to developmental problems from a governance perspective. It comprises three courses: Global Governance and Development discusses basic theories and concepts of global governance, with a special emphasis on developing regions and their participation in global governance processes. The seminar on Conflict, Democracy and Human Security reflects current debates in peace and conflict studies, based on national, regional and global conflict resolution strategies. The course Model United Nations is designed to prepare students for participation in the Duisburg-Essen UN-Simulation. This simulation hosted by the University of Duisburg-Essen for many years has been characterised by a broad and growing participation from international delegations.

Within the three courses of Module 2 (Governance) students gain knowledge of governance processes in industrialised and developing countries. An introduction on basic concepts and approaches in comparative Policy Analysis is complemented by a seminar on management and juridical aspects of administrative processes and reforms (Public Administration). The third course is focused on Democracy and Governance outside the OECD highlighting the applicability of democratisation and governance concepts in the developing areas.

Module three (Area Studies) complements the first two modules with an in-depth study of region-specific governance structures. Students select two out of the three courses on African Politics, European Politics and Asian Politics. Students shall learn to critically assess the relevance of general theoretical models and problem solving strategies for governance problems in their home countries.

MA Development and Governance (IfP)


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